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Urban jungle: Tesco ad celebrates bike commuting

1 May 2014 commuting London Tesco
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Jungle musician Goldie is the star of a new advert for Tesco Mobile that celebrates cycle commuting – and promises to ‘banish average’ from the daily routine.

Filmed in Lewisham, the advert features Goldie (real name Clifford Price) high-fiving cyclists as he passes them in a car, then leading them into a race with a team of pro cyclists and a penny-farthing rider.

The conceit of the advert, created by the Jam agency, is that Tesco Mobile’s service and coverage are better than an average mobile phone provider, with logos of Which? awards reinforcing the point.

The advert is a deliberate echo of a previous prank, filmed for YouTube, in which everyday cyclists were given their own Tour de France.

A vox pop organised by found that, although few viewers thought more positively of Tesco Mobile as a result of the advert, “53% now felt motivated to go cycling”. However, few of them recognised Goldie, with several people asking “is he a famous cyclist?”.

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