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Blue paint hastily removed at Bow Roundabout

2 Dec 2013 London safety
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London’s Cycle Superhighway 2 has been hastily ‘unpainted’ at Bow Roundabout, after a coroner described the route as “an accident waiting to happen”.

CS2’s terrible accident record has dominated cycling news for weeks, following further deaths and the inquest into Brian Dorling’s death at Bow Roundabout in 2011. Most recently, Venera Minakhmetova was killed by a lorry at the roundabout on November 13th.

According to London blogger Diamond Geezer, TfL has now removed the blue paint at the roundabout that gave the illusion of a dedicated cycle lane. Coroner Mary Hassell expressly criticised this at the inquest, saying “Motorists and cyclists are confused about who has right of way and the lane lulls riders into a false sense of security.”

Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor of London’s ‘cycling commissioner’, wrote a Guardian article in response to the media attention in which he claimed “We should  not assume, as so many have, that the latest fatalities were the fault of the road design”. TfL has yet to announce any concrete plans to improve safety at the roundabout.

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