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New A14 will include cycle path

22 May 2014 Cambridge infrastructure A14
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Most village cyclists have to struggle with fast rural traffic and a lack of cycle lanes – but not the inhabitants of Swavesey, Cambridgeshire.

Not content with already having a smooth, fast tarmac route to North Cambridge alongside the guided busway, they’re set to get a second cycle path as part of the £1.5bn A14 upgrade.

The A14 Non-Motorised User Campaign has been lobbying for a route for cyclists, pedestrians and horse-riders to be included as part of the massive rebuild. The group, which includes Cambridge Cycling Campaign, CTC and Sustrans, says that most major road upgrades have resulted in a worse deal for everyone apart from the motorist. They want to see a parallel route to the A14 road, and safe bridge crossings at key points.

Plans published in April include an entirely separate track from Girton, at the northwest edge of Cambridge, out to the junction at Dry Drayton. From there, a roadside path would be provided alongside the ‘local access road’. However, the Cambridge News suggests a higher-quality path could be provided all the way to Swavesey. A Highways Agency spokeswoman told the newspaper:

“The proposals include a non-motorised road user route as part of the proposed improvements. It is envisaged that it will be of a similar standard to that associated with the guided busway. The project team is actively discussing the scheme footprint design with NMU groups and the proposed improvement scheme is currently going through a public consultation.”

The plans also include cycle bridges at Bar Hill and Swavesey. The new path would link up with the improvements to cycle paths on Huntingdon Road in Cambridge, set to be approved by the County Council.

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