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Latest journeys

kl lk by Alphonse
New - Imp (Elk) by MsG1
York to Cambridge by Chitra Maharani Saraswati
Nottingham to Ely by Ben Biggin
Newmarket to Impington by MsG1
lowerstoft by francis
MR Loop 2 by Tim Hoverd
Cambridge to Poacher by Norman
Cambridge to Poacher by Norman
Felm-Cambri 83 by Tom McVey

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The Cam and the Lodes Way

This is one of those perfect routes where you can go as far as you like: just up to Milton Country Park, to Waterbeach, or even all the way to…


Grantchester Meadows

Perhaps the stereotypical Cambridge experience, the idyllic Grantchester Meadows were immortalised in song by Pink Floyd (“a river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees… laughing as it passes…


Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey is a fascinating historical mishmash, a 12th century priory converted to a country house, given 1930s-style gardens, and filled with artworks and furniture from the past. It’s lovingly…