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We'll be rebuilding our city guides in 2024. For now, we hope you find them useful but we suggest you double-check any details that might have changed.

Cherry Hinton-railway station-city centre

This is a triumph of piecing together back streets to provide an alternative to busy roads. In particular, it offers a much more pleasant alternative to Mill Road.

The traffic-free Tins and Snakey Path take you to Brookes Road; don't cross onto Mill Road, but dogleg left then right to follow the cycle route towards Greville Road. Another dogleg takes you across the (heated!) cycle bridge crossing the railway. From here (and the station), don’t follow Hills Road into town, but rather the signposted back-street route via Devonshire Road and Gresham Road which brings you out opposite Parkers Piece.

Milton-Science Park-city centre

A cycle bridge near Tesco crosses the A14 and connects Milton with north Cambridge. Continue along the cycle path as it meets Milton Road by the Science Park, but don’t follow the road into the city centre; instead, peel off along Green End Road into Chesterton, and cross the Cam on the bridge by the Green Dragon. From here, follow the river into the town centre, crossing Midsummer Common if you’re heading for that side of town.

Alternatively, from Chesterton, you can cross on the new Riverside Bridge and follow the Cam from there.

Coton-West Cambridge-city centre

One of the finest cycle routes in Cambridge, or indeed any British city. The path runs from Coton village, over the motorway and past the West Cambridge site (home of the university science and maths departments), to the quiet Adams Road. From here, leafy traffic-free Burrell’s Walk and Garrett Hostel Lane take you to Trinity Lane, and the city centre by the Market Place. It’s as good a leisure ride as it is a utility route.