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600 more bike parking spaces for Cambridge

3 Apr 2014 Cambridge parking
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Cambridge has more people cycling to work and the shops than any other city – putting cycle parking at a premium.

Now, Cambridge City Council is installing 600 more bike parking spaces on city centre streets. As the council explains:

“High cycle use has led to a significant demand for cycle parking facilities within the historic core of Cambridge. The cycle parks at the Grand Arcade and Park Street car parks are both well used and demand for spaces often exceeds their capacity. This shortfall in cycle parking facilities has led to cyclists parking their bicycles along railings, against the sides of buildings and on pavements, creating a hazard especially for people with mobility difficulties or visual impairments.”

£200,000 is being spent at 30 locations around the city. Councillor Tim Ward told the Cambridge News:

“On Saturday, I watched a number of people having to lift their bikes up onto walls to find somewhere to park them, and in fact I had to do this myself – so I am very pleased to see this work going ahead.”

The new racks will be ready for use by late June.

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