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On your phone

When you use on a mobile phone, you’ll find a few things are different to make best use of the limited screen space.

Click ‘Map’ as usual, and you’ll see a bar at the bottom of the screen with four sections: Map, Directions, Routes (for your saved routes), and Share (to save or download a GPS, or find accommodation).

Plotting a route

You can tap to add your start and end points as usual. If you want to add more points, double-tap on the screen.

Opening your route in another app

You’ll need to install an app that can open GPX files. There are many, but try:

Then back in, plan your route (and save it) and click the GPS button. This is under the ‘Share’ option at the bottom of the map screen on your phone. (Alternatively, if you don’t see a ‘Share’ option, click the three-line button on the left of the map and the GPS button is there.) Choose ‘Download GPX track’.

The route will be downloaded to your phone. It may open automatically in your app, or be downloaded to the Files area of your phone, from where you can click ‘Open in MapOut’ or something similar.

Is there a app?

Not quite yet – but we’re just finalising our iPhone app! Android will follow later.