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On your phone

Get the app

You can now get on your phone! Download the free app for iPhone or Android.

With the app, you’ll get clear mapping and turn-by-turn directions for every step of your route. Plan the route on your computer, save it and open it on your phone, or just do everything in the app if you like.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and choose ‘Help’ from the Settings menu to find out more.

Using the website on your phone

You can also use the website on your phone. You’ll find a few things are different to make best use of the limited screen space.

Click ‘Map’ as usual, and you’ll see a bar at the bottom of the screen with three sections: Map, Directions and Routes.

You’ll also see a three-line menu (‘hamburger menu’) at the top right, which is where you can find useful functions such as saving and downloading your route.

Plotting a route

You can tap to add your start and end points as usual. If you want to add more points, double-tap on the screen.