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Find places to stay

We have thousands of hotels and campsites listed on – probably the biggest selection of any route-planner in Europe or America.

You can find accommodation along a route by clicking ‘Find’ on the left, which will look for accommodation all along your planned route. Use the menu beside it to choose from different hotel price-points or campsites.

To look at specific places along a route, click anywhere on the route and choose ‘Nearby accommodation’ from the popup.

Clicking on a campsite will bring up contact details, while clicking on a hotel will take you to an online booking page. We get a small amount of commission from hotel bookings, so any bookings you make all help to support!

Our European campsite listings come from the wonderful ArchiesCampings website.


When you’re planning a trip, you might identify a bunch of possible places to stay. You can save these in your shortlist. (You’ll need to have registered a free account.)

When you find accommodation you like, click ‘Add to shortlist’. It’ll be saved for future use, and the hotel icon will change to a red one with a heart.

Next time that you open the map, you can see your shortlisted accommodation by just clicking the ‘Shortlisted’ button.

You can also view the shortlist by clicking ‘My bike’ then ‘Shortlist’.