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Cycle parking

13 Sep 2013
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Cambridge is in the curious position of having vast amounts of cycle parking – and nowhere near enough. There are now two large underground car parks in the city centre: one at Park Street, the other at Grand Arcade. Meanwhile, a new cycle park has been announced for the railway station with 3,000 spaces – and no, that’s not a typo. Anyone who’s tried to find a space in the current racks, with about one-quarter of that, will understand the need right away.

Large employers often provide dedicated bike parking for staff, particularly the University and the hi-tech businesses that it has fostered. There are cycle racks at the Park & Ride sites, too, so you can ride into town rather than catching the bus.

And, of course, there’s plenty of racks dotted around Cambridge, both in the city centre and further afield. But don’t expect them to be empty…