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"Alert Waypoints"

11 Aug 2022
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(Probably a better name for what I'm thinking of)

Creating routes sent to Garmin Connect and cycled with Garmin GPS using turn by turn directions.  Is there any means to add points that when cycling the route will alert you to having arrived at the set point?

I might be doing a 250 mile route with a number of recording points along the way. I don't want to split it into seperate routes as I'll already be doing that for overnight camping stops and with recording point stops it would get really messy with loads of courses!

I guess it's also can Garmin do it and if it can, can Cycle.Travel add such points.

(I appreciate these are nothing to do with "via points")




Fri 12 Aug 2022, 08:24

Not quite sure if it's what you're looking for and also not sure if it works on Garmin but I regularly add a viapoint and then write a note to myself. It will pop on on the TBT directions just like any other instruction. 

I can also scroll ahead and see how far away my "homemade" points are. 

To do this I create a viapoint, then click on it and one of the options is to "write note". 

Fri 12 Aug 2022, 11:47

Thanks I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Certainly handled well by as if I import such a 2 (with notes on via points) into MapOut via gpx the route has multiple colours and flag indicators on the noted points.


Tue 16 Aug 2022, 15:28

Been experimenting and ... it's brilliant, exactly what I'm after so I thought maybe useful to document what happens on Garmin for "via points" with added notes.

I can only describe on Garmin 1040 as that's all I have with me. I tested in a 25 mile route with 4 via points all with manually added notes.

If a route has via points with notes added when cycling a course the Garmin creates an extra page to the left of the map (swipe left, between map and solar info pages) called "Course Points" that lists all via points on route that have added notes, incl for each one distance to point and ETA at point. As you get close the map page shows a small icon (not very noticeable) and when you are at the point it beeps and pops-up the added note text. Only shortcoming is it only notifies when you are at the point, no advanced notice like Garmin does for navigation turns - but that's a Garmin thing not

I tried a via point note very very close to a navigation turn and it still works. Via Point notifications appear at the bottom of the screen whilst navigation instructions at the top so you get both OK (my via point with note was 0.06 miles before a navigation turn).

Thanks for helping me sort this (now I need to work out how to add a via point using Lat and Long!)


Tue 16 Aug 2022, 16:13

Glad it works! 

Personally, I find it a brilliant tool. Recently water has been a big deal for me and I have been able to mark off water sources in advance as well as stores/petrol stations.

I'll also use it to mark off possible camping options - I tend to the spontaneous.

It works differently on my Wahoo Roam giving me 250m advance notice - just like any other instruction. There's a "route" button on the unit that lists all the via points (with distance from me) so I can easily see how far away my next water/camp spot is. I can't be 100% certain that it shows every single via point but then again I've never tested it that way and I haven't died of thirst :-)

At the risk of annoying Richard I really think that CT needs book of instructions or tips because it is just so clever that I'm sure there are features that a lot of us know little about.

Or maybe we the users should start a thread with a rundown of our favourite, less obvious features? 

I'm currently on the road and only have a phone so such a task is a bit difficult for me..... :-)