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iPhone App Feedback/Issues

Excellent app and I feel making suggestions and raising issues might sound critical (which it is not intended to be) ... so:

1. With "Stay" to show places to stay there seems massive filtering depending on zoom level and the filtering makes no sense. e.g. 

then same route but very zoomed-in

When zoomed out the sites that are shown are very clustered around a single position along the route. Maybe an assumed "overnight" even though no overnight has been entered on the route.

2. Stay "type of place": Really needs the same filter options as available on the website. e.g. "show only camping/self-catering/etc."

3. Really really really needs setting option to lock north up (i.e. disable map rotation with 2 fingers). Another very well known app introduced "rotation" at one point then after just days did an emergency update to add a setting to disable map rotation (yes - apparently they got feedback to the point of not waiting for next group of updates "whenever").

4. Plan route from and to. This may be me not having found how to do it but web site is great where you enter a "From" location (e.g. "Rotterdam" and then a "To" location (e.g. "Venlo") and finds the route. The app seems very determined to assume you are starting from your current GPS location or you have to manually scroll to the start and tap and hold and select "Start here". Does need way to do the "From and To" as per web site. Maybe under the "Routes button (that lists saved routes on server) add a "Create New Route".

5. What happens when map updates occur for maps downloaded for offline routes. How do you update and how are you notified there is an update available?

(Sorry if any of above are my "finger trouble").


"Alert Waypoints"

(Probably a better name for what I'm thinking of)

Creating routes sent to Garmin Connect and cycled with Garmin GPS using turn by turn directions.  Is there any means to add points that when cycling the route will alert you to having arrived at the set point?

I might be doing a 250 mile route with a number of recording points along the way. I don't want to split it into seperate routes as I'll already be doing that for overnight camping stops and with recording point stops it would get really messy with loads of courses!

I guess it's also can Garmin do it and if it can, can Cycle.Travel add such points.

(I appreciate these are nothing to do with "via points")



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