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Bike life

10 Sep 2013
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Underneath the Brunel West car park, a secure 300-space bike park has been built. A one-off charge of £10 gets swipe-card access to this CCTV-monitored area. It’s a very practical way for town centre workers to commute by bike.

There’s cycle parking at the edges of the pedestrianised shopping centre, but it’s rare elsewhere. The Wroughton Park & Ride site on the south of the town has bike parking; sadly, the town’s other Park & Ride site was closed in 2009.

Swindon BUG (Bicycle User Group) is the town’s cycle campaign. Swindon Borough Council is also active in promoting cycling and runs a website, Swindon Travel Choices, encouraging residents to travel by bike, on foot or by bus. The council has commissioned a printed cycle map (also available to download as a PDF), which deservedly won an award in 2013.