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Moira, NW Leicestershire

4 Aug 2019
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Hi Richard

Could you please add Moira, NW Leicestershire to the "City" list? I know there are listed towns close by, however it is specifically Moira that is at the Heart of the New National Forest, has the YHA and the Hicks Lodge cycling centre.




Sun 4 Aug 2019, 13:21


Intrigued that a town should be missing, and I will be plotting a route based loosely on Route 63 of National cycling routes, to Chester and would be staying with friends close to Moira, I checked if I could select Moira in the From or To fields of the Map.

It found Moira without any problem.  I did notice you must type town name and part of county name  e.g. Moira Le... before it is seen in the list, but that is as it should be as I understand it.

Hope this helps.

Sun 4 Aug 2019, 15:58

Thanks for your input Mick.

I can select Moira on the map and the From / To fields and do so regularly as I live here.

However it is not in the "City list"

My aim is to create a City Guide for the area.

Coincidentally I recently cycled from the N. Wales coast to home via Chester, planned in C.T of course. It was the home leg following doing Lon Las Cymry.

Tue 6 Aug 2019, 20:09

No problem, done!

(Improving the city guides is on the list for the future but probably won’t be this summer.)

Tue 6 Aug 2019, 22:54

Fantastic, thanks.