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How to delete a route?

29 Sep 2023
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Having created several routes and saved them, how do I now delete those that I don't want to keep?  Eother in the app or on the web.


Fri 29 Sep 2023, 23:12

On the website, go to the "my" tab, select "journeys".

That should show a list of all your journeys (and folders if you use them). 

On the extreme right is the wastebasket symbol. Click that to delete. 

Sun 1 Oct 2023, 08:55

Still didn't work.

I am logged in on the web version and can see all my saved routes bottom left of the map.  (they are also all available on the phone).  But if I click on My Bike it says "no such user".

Sun 1 Oct 2023, 09:30

In that case, have you tried the old "switch off and start up again" method of problem solving? :-) Or log out of CT then back in. 

Mon 2 Oct 2023, 16:55

This one’s a mistake on my part, I’m afraid! Accounts created with the Android app weren’t properly registering with the editing pages on the site. That’s fixed now so you should be able to use the method Hobbes describes to delete a route.

(In a future version of the app you'll be able to delete routes directly by swiping left in the list.)

Wed 4 Oct 2023, 17:26

That all worked.  Thanks.