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Lodging Question

Thursday 24 August
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I am noticing that  when I  click on a lodging  option  and it takes me to the place that shows on the map/route does not seem to appear. 

Am I  doing  something incorrectly? 


Thu 24 Aug, 17:08

Perhaps you could give an example?

Do you have the app? If so can you check if the place is listed on it? (Not just today but some time in the future).

In my experience with Booking if a place has no beds available it does not show up. 

There is also the possibility that there's a lag between a place delisting from Booking and the info making its way to CT. 

In the same way, the places listed on CT may not be the full list of places listed on Booking. 

Thu 24 Aug, 21:07

Did a bit more sea and apparently this one b&b is nolonger in business. 

Fri 25 Aug, 19:03

It’s not a perfect match I’m afraid although c.t does what it can. Usually if can’t offer that particular location then it will suggest others nearby.