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IGN Maps not displaying on laptop

24 Aug 2023
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IGN maps are not appearing on the laptop, I just get a white screen.  They work on mobile logged in to the same account

All the other paid maps (OS etc) do work, it's just IGN


Thu 24 Aug 2023, 16:03

Interestingly, on my android phone I can see all of Europe zoomed out, but as I zoom in only the horizontal area from approx. Amsterdam down to approx Madrid are visible. This is for both IGN classic & digital. (IGN Spain is fine).

On further playing if I move the screen to show well north of Amsterdam I lose the option to choose an IGN map. 

It's interesting that your phone will show all, but the computer won't.

It may help to describe the laptop OS and the browser used.

Thu 24 Aug 2023, 18:40
I think it's more complicated. On my Samsung tablet  I go to Luxembourg. Now the layer of "Luxembourg" is visible. Don't zoom out. Moving to the east of Poland. Luxembourg is far out of sight. But the layer of "Luxembourg" is still there.I don't think it is a CT problem. It is a software trick. And some knowlegde of maps. Personally I will never expect an IGN-map of the Netherlands, because IGN is French
Thu 24 Aug 2023, 21:32

I'm only interested in France for IGN.

It's a chrome browser on a Windows laptop. 

It used to work fine. 

Fri 25 Aug 2023, 10:52

Now working again...

Fri 25 Aug 2023, 19:03

I don’t think anything has changed here to affect it, so I’m guessing either a connectivity problem or an outage at IGN – will keep an eye on it though!

Mon 26 Feb, 11:18

Same problem again this morning... works fine on mobile (even if set to desktop mode in chrome), but windows laptop just gives a white screen when switched to IGN.

Other maps eg OS work fine.

Mon 26 Feb, 11:38

I promise nothing has changed on the c.t end of things so I’m not sure why this would happen.

I wonder if you have some sort of security app/plugin/extension which is getting in the way. When sends a request for an IGN map tile, it includes a piece of information (technically known as the “referer header”) that says “this request is coming from”. IGN see this and think “ah good, it’s ok to show the map”.

Some software may block these referer headers. In that case, IGN won’t know that it’s a legitimate request coming from, so they won’t show the map.

I’d suggest checking to see if you have anything installed that might be doing this, and if so, disabling it for

Mon 26 Feb, 12:34

OK, thanks.  Could be work firewall I guess?

Will try at home later

Thu 14 Mar, 19:16

Well,  it did seem to be work firewall,  but today "IGN Classic" doesn't work anywhere.   "IGN digital does", and In think that's also on the subscriber only list??

Thu 14 Mar, 19:28

I think there’s a problem at the IGN end of things – not anything I can control I’m afraid.

Thu 14 Mar, 20:11

Thanks - just wondering if it was something at my end.   Going to France in a couple of weeks!