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App feedback

Tuesday 8 November
by Heiner
in forum
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Hi Richard; I like the App a lot!! It is not feature overloaded - but all I need is there. Thank you!

2 things I noticed though:

1) Sometimes the App freezes completely right at the start (tapping does not do anything; but the App still seems to do 'something' in the background, because I can see the map moving when the GPS provides more accurate data.) I can only kill it then, but starting it again also leads only to freezing immediately. Also un- and reinstall does not help. But if I wait some time (days), it suddenly works again. (Is there some server it communicates with and that is maybe sometimes down? Because this problem did happen quite often about 2-4 weeks ago, but recently, it does not freeze anymore. And I think it was always the same App Version 0.1(7) Also, it happened on 2 phones (SE 2016)

2) In the App, on the right upper area there are 2 icons: The Map icon (which works as it give me 3 options: Centered / Look ahead / Perspective). But the other icon (like a GPS Arrow) does onlyvanish whenI click it. It comes back when I move the map. But clicking it does again do nothing exept that the icon disappears

PS I use this forumfor feedback, as I can not use the feedback option within the App: On my tiny SE (2016) phones I can enter text in the feedback area, but I can not see a 'send' or 'ok' or any button...


Tue 8 Nov, 18:31

Thanks! I’ve got a fix for the SE feedback issue which’ll be in the next version. (I have a little SE for testing though I don’t use it day-to-day.)

The GPS arrow returns the map to your current location when you’ve panned away.

Not sure what’s happening with the freezes but thanks for the report… I’ll keep an eye on it. It does do a couple of server-like things on startup but they shouldn’t cause a freeze if they’re inaccessible.

Thu 24 Nov, 06:05

I found that moving a bit down the road tends to help. I wondered if it was related to the quality of data coverage or something. It can also drop when I move from Wi-Fi to 4g when getting started in a days tour.