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ridewithgps to!

Saturday 5 November
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Hi all,
A pal has sent me a ridewithgps route (his choice of mapping: heathen!).
I don't know much about it, so just exported the .gpx "as is" & imported to
....but the routes are markedly different:

I suspect it is something around him perhaps having routes or waypoints, and maybe there is nothing I can do....

....but can anyone suggest a way I can get the route he planned to appear in



Sat 5 Nov, 21:05

I know very little about what happens under the hood but I never trust a route that has gone through more planners than necessary - one.

If I really want his route exactly recreated in CT then I'd do it by hand. But that's me. 

RWGPS will offer up different routes depending on the map chosen. That's before exporting. 

The real question is why you want the route in cycle Travel? If using s GPS you should be able to load the RWGPS route, no? 

If depending on cue sheets RWGPS do those too - Depending on your subscription, of course. 

Sat 5 Nov, 21:48

Hi there!
It's a good point: I like/prefer yes, I should just take the RideWithGps output & get to my Wahoo.

It is only a mild curiosity - I'll be cycling with this pal, & he can lead the ride anyway.   
We are planning a little adventure next June, so I suspect we will each map things and have on our respective Garmin/Wahoo.....could work as backup, but of course could come up with differing options!!

Sun 6 Nov, 11:08

That could be a whole lot of fun if you end up going different ways and ending up in different places! :-) Different planners, different units - could be a real adventure! 

I would imagine most of the issue in transferring your friend's route is down to manually added way/viapoints as you suspect. 

One thing to remember is that CT seems to have a better grasp of where bikes are allowed in the UK than some of the international planners (Not that CT isn't international!)

Other CT quirks are the tendency to skirt towns and the propensity to pull us off a road to ride a short distance on a smaller road only to rejoin the first road again. 

However, for plotting a bike friendly route away from home I'd trust CT over any of the main planners out there. 

Sun 6 Nov, 13:42

When you upload a track to, it tries to ‘retrofit’ the via points that would make it go that way. This is an imperfect process and it gets easily confused in cases of looping routes (like this example) or routes that go on roads/paths that wouldn’t usually choose (e.g. busy roads or muddy paths).

Probably the easiest thing for a not-too-long route like this is just to redraw it yourself. If you click the layer button at the top right of the map, you’ll see a ‘Trace a GPX file’ button. Click that and load the file. It then appears in a light blue to make it easy to trace using the standard routing tools.

Mon 7 Nov, 14:14

The problem is that there simply is no general compatible transfer mode.

Reliable exchanges between apps are thus almost impossible.

Many apps cannot even (re)import their own exports 100% faithfully.

True navigation (routing) is sometimes possible with Garmin tcx course files.

Apps with tcx export often lack than the necessary tcx (re)import support.

A gpx navigation (trk) track inclusive the route planner points is now possible

This gpx track then contains and the turn as well as the via and the shaping points.

Only VERY recently this is now offered by the Cruiser app.

With thus always 100% true in and out gpx navigation track transfers.

The non-modified existing apps present it as a regular gpx track.

Really very recent so still without manual, find info in the Cruiser forum.

The Cruiser export navigation track is also already directly usable in Locus.

After import, you thus follow this track 100% faithfully including TBT instructions.

More true track navigation info.