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Route constanly reverses itself

3 Nov 2022
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I couold use some advice please. I have made a muti stage route from Borseau to Toulose mostly using theCicerone Canal de la Garonne route. My problem is that after I complete the route it reverses its self and starts in Toulose. Will this create a problem when I download it into my GPS?  Thanks in advance.


Sat 5 Nov 2022, 09:14

Are you by any chance inadvertently hitting the "reverse route" option? 

Will it create a problem on your GPS? Probably and depending on your GPS it may be minor or more serious. 

One way streets is one thing that comes to mind. Another is your GPS constantly trying to put you back on "course". 

The best bet is to figure out the problem and use the correct track. 

Sat 5 Nov 2022, 19:03

Thanks for the advice. I'll have another go bearing in mind your comments.


Sun 6 Nov 2022, 13:42

Could you give a link to your route, Bob? (It’ll need to be public if it’s currently private.)

Wed 9 Nov 2022, 18:14

Richard, thanks for getting back. The problem doesn't seem to exist any more, I assume it was just me getting something wrong and not being aware. But if it does retunn, I'll get back to you.

Incidently, I mark all my routes while they are a work in progress as private. I would hate someone to think that my idea of how to get from A to B was the best way. But what I might do is when I return from the tour is open them up with comments on changes that might/should be made. In the many years that I have been touring, I have always looked for quiet roads and avoided unsurfaced roads. But I now have a new Airnimal Joey, and I am happy to tick the 'any' box on C.T. Cheers