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Getting elevation and using metric (instead of Imperial)

Sorry to repeat my self. Just realised I had posted my earlier request for information incorrectly. All I was wondering, is if it is possible to get elevation shown when mapping and to work in kilometres and not miles when dealing with distances. Thanks

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I might be missing somerthing, but is there any way to get mapping using kilometres and not miles? And, as well, is there any way to show elevation when wprking poiut a route?


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I now have a Garmin Edge Touring Plus, but I can't find any instructions as to how to transfer a route from to my device. Can someone please advise where I can find instructions.


User instructions and help was recommended to me by someone on the CTC Forum and I can certainly see why. It's by far the easiest way of getting from A to B. But as easy as it is, I still have some questions and would appreciate some help. 

1.   Are instructions available anywhere on the website?

2    What criteria ie road surface, elevation etc is used for offered routes?

3.   Is it possible to the user enter criteria preferences?

I'm grateful for any help. I would really like to use It seems to be a really first class operation. Now I just need to learn how!


Bob Zeller

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