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Cannot extend route/need "draw lines" feature

Friday 24 June
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i am keen to support the site, and am paying for the very great benefit of the OS maps.

Obviously i am new to it (years of RWGPS) but i have a problem with getting the map to follow what seems to be a perfectly legit route

on this route i want to extend NW onwards.  Whatever I do it forces a multi km detour to continue.  Is there a draw lines facility to allow me to override it.  If not the only option seems to be to start a new route from there. which is not great

final question, the route has km marks in yellow.  What are the blue circle blobs with numbers?  is there an online FAQ/how to do the basics guide?

thanks all!


Fri 24 Jun, 12:01

Hi Jay,

The blue circles are via points. You seem to have a lot of them. Maybe you are having trouble getting your route to stay on the path.  It looks like you're off-road with this route, but you seem to have the course type set to Any. You could try changing that to Gravel and see if that helps. You may find that you can then remove most, if not all, of these via points.

As far as overriding things, try putting a new point (41 I guess) where you next want to go. Then hold or click point 40. An option box will appear and you can choose to go direct from 40 to 41.

There is a guide to the basics reached via the help tab on the top right of the map page, but I think people on this site are very keen to help so I imagine you will get other suggestions. I've started to realise that there are often several ways of achieving the same result.



Fri 24 Jun, 15:28

That’s all spot on!

If you put it in gravel mode then you should be able to do that route with just half a dozen via points. I’d suggest clicking at the start and end of the route, then for the bits where has chosen a different route, just drag it back onto where you want to go.

For the section heading NW from the end, as Martin says, you can use the ‘Go direct’ option to force a straight line between two points. won’t route that way by default because it’s a public footpath, i.e. no cycling. (On occasion the OpenStreetMap source data is incomplete and doesn’t include a path that’s actually cyclable, but in this case I think it’s right.)

There’s a user guide here – – and it’s linked from the little word ‘Help’ at the corner of the map too. I do need to update it for the new gravel option though!