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Gravel routing

Wednesday 22 June
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This is not showing on my planner yet, is it live for supporters?


Thu 23 Jun, 08:23

It is for me but interestingly on Chrome, not on Firefox on an Android mobile.

Thu 23 Jun, 10:36

For me, it is working with Firefox and chrome on a Windows computer and it also works on an android tablet using Samsung internet.

Thu 23 Jun, 13:44

It should be live for supporters, yes. On desktop you’ll see it like this:

and on mobile in the menu:

It works fine for me on any browser I try, and on both desktop and mobile. If you can’t see it it might be worth refreshing the page. I’d be interested to know what browser etc. you’re using if it still doesn’t show.

Thu 23 Jun, 13:56

I'm also not seeing it. Chrome, Windows10.

Thu 23 Jun, 13:59

Does it show up if you do a force-refresh? (Shift-F5 or Control-F5 probably)

Fri 24 Jun, 07:24

The 'gravel' button shows up in Chrome but not Safari macOS (after hard refresh: option/command/R). 

On iPhone os the button does not show up in Safari or DuckDuckGo. 

I will install Chrome on iPhone os and report back. 

Thank you all for your helpful and supportive thoughts.

Fri 24 Jun, 07:29

Update: 'gravel' is available in Chrome on iPhone os. It is starting to looks as though Safari is the issue.

Fri 24 Jun, 07:36

After deleting the cookies, quitting and restarting Safari and logging in again, the gravel button has appeared, success!

Fri 24 Jun, 08:19

After clearing cookies in Safari and logging in again, the 'gravel' option is appearing in the menu.