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Finding local Routes?

23 Oct 2021
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I'm new here and trying to get to grips with how things work. I see there is an option to save routes as either public or private.

Is there a way to search for public routes saved by others by location?

Would be a great way to discover new routes in the area! Thanks


Sat 23 Oct 2021, 20:00

I can't speak for cycletravel but RideWithGps (RWGPS) offers that functionality. Sometimes there is additional info and photos but there can be an element of pot luck. It could be a route someone has crafted and honed to perfection or it could be something someone threw together after a night in the pub! It may be something that is totally unsuitable for you or your bike.

However, the "suggest a ride" function on cycletravel is something that I highly recommend. It's a great way of discovering local routes. 

I've found that by varying the start point (say 5km from my house) it can throw up a variety of new options. 

Tue 26 Oct 2021, 12:36

Welcome. The search box at the RHS of the top menu will do that. It took me a couple of years to find that out! The functionality is fairly basic compared with RWGPS that Hobbes mentioned. In it seems to search the route title field. Having said that, the strength of c.t for me is that it produces great routes.