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Wahoo - recommendation for TCX disappeared!?

23 Sep 2021
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I have used & my Roam quite a lot.....& recently noticed that when exporting my mapping, the recommendation comment on "more download options" no longer mentions the Wahoo

Is there a reason for this?   

I have still been using TCX, and I noticed (saw another thread) that the turn notification has re-started working (it stopped for my entire LEJoG, but wasn't a desperate issue - it changed then to just telling me the miles to next junction as the distance to the end of the ride, which actually worked okay for that, & I didn't mss many junctions!)


Sat 25 Sep 2021, 20:52

I thought it sensible to remove the explicit recommendation for TCXs while Wahoo were having problems with their turn notifications (as per earlier thread!). If they’ve fixed it now then that’s great – I could add that back in again.

It would be easier if Wahoo would just offer an open API like Garmin do, of course. :)

Sun 26 Sep 2021, 20:58

I did get a note from Wahoo saying it was fixed, however would counsel hanging back until it's proven. I did a ride in Dumfries-shire last week, saved it as a gpx and transferred to the Roam via the companion app. No turn by turn ;-( I'll not be able to try a tcx until next week as am taking part in Boris' unannounced herd immunity experiment ;-(

Tue 28 Sep 2021, 09:45

Cool, thanks 👍
I think my last half dozen rides (over the past 4 or 5 weeks - I need to get out more!) HAVE shown the turn by turn okay.
Love a good mystery 🤣

Tue 28 Sep 2021, 09:49

I'll nudge them with a cheeky tweet: comes first, wahoo roam second 😉