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Private routes

Monday 18 May
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Hi, Richard, I have just noticed when saving a route you have added a Make Private checkbox, that works fine but if I then just go back to the route and then save the route it becomes public again. Thanks.


Tue 19 May, 15:04

Oh yes! Fixed; thanks for spotting.

Tue 19 May, 16:31

Thanks for the fix. Is it possible to look at something else.When you create a route and save it in a folder, when you go to edit and re-save, the drop down list always says no folder as the 'default' choice, is it possible to put the folder from where the route was located as the 'default' choice so someone could just click save. Thanks.

Wed 20 May, 09:37

That should be fixed now.

Wed 20 May, 09:45

Thank you.

Thu 21 May, 10:49

Thank you both from me too, it is indeed fixed :-)