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click map to add more points - issue

Monday 6 January
by Ghiaina
in forum
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Good day!

from this morning the "click map to add more points" is disappeared  so i can not trace other paths.

Please can you let me know why??

Thank you


Mon 6 Jan, 13:27

Slight technical issue this morning – is it working ok again now?

Mon 6 Jan, 13:29

Not yet for me! Removing a via point makes all the via points vanish and the route doesn't reroute to handle the removal either. I'm checking my local network but I don't think it's me...

Mon 6 Jan, 16:02

Just checked now and the "Click map to add more points" checkbox is there on the LHS diectly beneath the To and From fields. I also removed a via point from a test route. Only the one via point was removed and ir re-routed correctly as I removed the via point. So all seems well here. Ubuntu and Firefox.

Mon 6 Jan, 20:26

I think it’s ok now. I’ve been working on a new feature and accidentally half-pushed a bit of code. Sorry for the hassle!

Sun 12 Jan, 19:06

Yes solved Thank u