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Eurovelo Route + numbers on UK maps!

4 Sep 2019
by Mick
in forum
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Is it me, just having missed them, or as part of a recent update have the Eurovelo Route numbers just appeared on the UK map (maybe whole of Europe too). eg EV12 as 12 inside an EU flag

I just noticed this when planning a route from Kings Lynn and using part of National Cycle Route 1 which the EV12 follows for some way


Tue 10 Sep 2019, 22:28

Yes – a few months ago now but they do! Quite a lot of people follow EuroVelo routes and most online maps don’t show the numbers, so after a few experiences getting lost on the Continent, I thought they were worth adding…

Wed 11 Sep 2019, 09:05

It is a great addition, very useful

Wed 2 Oct 2019, 14:24

Richard, after a recent 2000km ride through Europe I found quite a few inaccuracies in Eurovelo routes as marked on OSM. Some were severe. e.g. nonexistent ferries requiring big backtracks. Seems people have added EV routes to OSM when they were just proposed rather than implemented.

I would like to help in correcting these where possible, and have tried to join the Eurovelo group on FaceBook to find out more, but my request to join the group has been pending for quite a while.

Wed 2 Oct 2019, 20:41

Hi Chris – I’m guessing yours was the posting I spotted the other day on the OSM forum!

My impression (might be wrong) is that a handful of keen people made a big effort to get the EuroVelo routes into OSM a few years ago, but haven’t necessarily kept them updated since.

After half an hour of hacking, I’ve just managed to get the EuroVelo routes from their ( website as a big GeoJSON file. I’ve uploaded this to

There are lots of programs that will read GeoJSON files, but perhaps the easiest is to use download the file, go to, click ‘Open > File’, and select the downloaded file. If you want to see it on a map background (to show the existing route mapping), go to ‘Meta > Add map layer’, then enter{z}/{x}/{y}.png .

You can then click on any route segment to see its EuroVelo route status, although this seems to be a bit partial/erratic.

Is that of any use? Happy to help more if I can!

Wed 2 Oct 2019, 21:27

That's a huge help, thanks. If you can provide this sort of assistance with the necessary tools I don't mind doing the legwork. The first image hereshows the big incorrect section of EV7 south of Prague. The main road west of the river near the top of this snip is horrible to ride on; the ferry across the lake near the bottom doesn't exist any more (or maybe only in July/August).

I need a bit more help: the second snip here

shows that the json file is very low-resolution (I understand why!) but makes it difficult to see ( in some places) which track may be the correct/intended route. Are there also GPX (or json) files of each separate EV but at a higher resolution?

Maybe easier to continue this discussion via email:

Wed 2 Oct 2019, 23:09

I think this is the ferry: . It looks like it runs on Saturdays and Sundays only. I’ve just added the website URL to the ferry ways in OSM so that will present it as a link after the next map update.

I’ve extracted/mangled a higher resolution version on the EuroVelo site: . Still not perfect but should be good enough, I think. if you want to follow up by email!