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Popular bike path gets an upgrade

3 Mar 2014 Swindon
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The Western Flyer, perhaps the most popular traffic-free cycle route in Swindon, is receiving a much-needed upgrade.

The route links West Swindon to the railway station, starting at the busy subway underneath the main line. The council-run Swindon Travel Choices project identified it as their top priority route for its potential to lure commuters out of their cars.

New signs are designed to announce the route to passing motorists as well as guiding cyclists. Extensive physical works are also underway. New lighting has been installed between the Mead Way subway and Barnfield, the surface has been reconstructed, and kerbs have been moved to provide a wider route. During February, the route behind the Westmead Industrial Estate was extensively resurfaced.

The Western Flyer will be formally launched this month, with an accompanying smartphone app to highlight the history and environs of the route.

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