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Stoke Bishop BS9 to New Passage the hilly way

19 Jun 2020
by wjhall
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New Passage by crossing the Old Down ridge and then back again, descending Kyneton Hill and ascending Stock Hill, then returns south west through Littleton and Olveston and over Ingst Hill. Goes via Sweetwater Lane using a shorter length of the B road by descending to the west and reascending via Sweetwater Lane, which is easily graded, starting in woodland and coming out in meadow. (Alternative route via Mumbleys is more open, uses a greater length of the Aust - Alveston B road) Kyneton Hill is steep, needing braking all the way, but easier to go down than up.

Views across the Severn from Littleton Pill, the destination. Pasture, ditches and arable, with views from the edges of the Almondsbury Ridge and Old Down across the levels to the river most of the way.

As hilly as you can make a trip across marshland, and probably the longest way to New Passage without actually going somewhere else.