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Severn Beach to St Arild's, Oldbury on the Hill - Marshland to Cotswold Edge

20 Feb 2022
by wjhall
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Across the marshes, into the Ladden Vale and up into the hills to visit the other church dedicated to the saxon martyr Arild, at Oldbury-on-the-Hill high on the Cotswolds. The better known church is Saint Arilda's, not so high on its own little bump amid the marshes at Oldbury-on-Severn. Saint Arild's is also near a source of the Avon in Joyce's Pool, Didmarton.

Out across Inglestone Common from Wickwar, then through Little Badminton and the Badminton Estate, passing the rustic church, formerly the Beaufort's private chapel. Then through the impressive estate woodlands.

Return along the Cotswold edge through Hawkesbury Upton, before touching the edge of modern Yate, then turning aside past the medieval church of Iron Acton and Agar Abbey.

Generally quiet roads. The B4058 south of Cromhall carries fast traffic. The slight detour south after Hawkesbury Upton avoids the A433 and visits attractive Little Badminton, then goes through the Badminton estate. St Arild's is approached up the grassy, easily ridden track to the east end of the churchyard.

The train to Severn Beach saves about 5 km, gives estuary views and avoids seeing the outskirts of Bristol twice in one day; return direct to N Bristol. The Severn Beach service is now hourly.

Hawkesbury Upton - Somerset Monument

St Michael and All Angels - Little Badminton


Saint Arild from the grassy approach track

Saint Arild - Oldbury-on-the-Hill - Chalice font

Badminton Estate woodland - Holly Bush cottage

St Mary - Hawkesbury

Tockington Lane Almondsbury-Pyramidal orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis