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North Somerset Hills to Wrington

4 Aug 2021
by wjhall
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Over the Failand Heights (140 m), down Beaumont Hill, up Backwell Hill (200 m), down Brockley Coombe, and over Wrington Hill (150 m), descending steeply to the pleasant small town of Wrington with its magnificent church and Georgian Broad Street. Thence along above the edge of the marshes to Congresbury whence the northern part of the Strawberry Line starts a generally flat return apart from a small encore past St Andrew's church (60 m) in Backwell.

Good views from Failand, Beaumont Hill, and Wrington Hill. The bends on Beaumont Hill create sudden distant glimpses. Brockley Coombe is a long dark tunnel of trees with cliffs hidden to the right on the lower section. Slow down to see them.

Coffee, tea and cake at Mother Hen's in Wrington, except Mondays. Ale, coffee and desserts at The Plough.

Picnic spots at Failand, on the Millenium Way near Tyntesfield Sidings, the Strawberry Line and in Cleeve quarry. Uses the very verdant Common Lane to Lower Failand, the more conventional route up Failand Lane from Portbury is also possible.

Fast descents of Beaumont Hill and Brockley Coombe, the first often has surprisingly little traffic, the latter tends to be busier. A short stretch of the A370 entering Backwell has a 30 mph limit. Walk across the A369 in Easton in Gordano to reach Common Lane. Otherwise generally quiet roads.

Failand Heights

Gem of a cottage garden at the crossroads in Backwell Farleigh

Looking down on the airport from Backwell Hill

Brockley Coombe: into the trees

Wrington from Wrington Hill

And back across the levels... ... Claverham Drove Rhine.