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Clevedon & Kingston Seymour circular from Stoke Bishop, BS9.

21 Aug 2020
by wjhall
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Trip down the Gordano Valley to the levels, visiting the coast to see the Severn Sea without waiting for it to resume its former courses across the levels. Enters Clevedon by climbing Dial Lane to Hill Road,with its baker's and cafes then down along the front past Salthouses to Clevedon Pill and the Blind Yeo outflow beyond Wain's Hill with St Andrew's church. Then, after a short detour through Kingston Seymour returns along Claverham Drove and through Ashton Court.

Generally quiet roads, apart from the short stretch of A370 returning through Backwell, and the short stretch of B road into Clevedon. Going over Hill Road visits an attractive part of Clevedon and avoids the busier Old Street that goes more directly to the front.

New moon and equinox approaching: the tide still rising in the Avon.

Salthouse Bay Clevedon, taking advantage of the new moon tides to drain the Marine Lake for maintenance.

An impressive outflow from the marine lake, but new moon means the water will be back soon.

Picnic spot at Clevedon Pill, outside the banks that keep the levels dry, with mudflats exposed by the receding tide.

The Blind Yeo draining the levels towards the weir at Clevedon Pill

Kingston Seymour - waters in the ditch almost up to road level

Kingston Seymour Church of All Saints - flooded 1.5 metres deep in the great flood of 1607.