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BS9 to Walton in Gordano circular - marsh and estuary

24 Feb 2021
by wjhall
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A short circular outing over the Avon bridge featuring the Gordano levels, with their several nature reserves. Crosses Clapton-in-Gordano reserve to Walton and climbs the hill to return along the coast road with estuary views, descending past the Lake Garden and grounds and round the pier end of Portishead, passing the dock and across the ecology park on the return to Sheepway.

A disproportionally lengthy return through Portishead and Pill, alleviated by the seaside features and views. Return to outward route past St Georges in Easton in Gordano above Pill and return under the railway bridge and past the harbour inlet.

Acceptable shared path beside Harbour Road in Portishead. The road is in any case not exceptionally busy. Portway shared cycle path as usual just acceptable for one way use. Take care meeting oncoming cyclists in the sections with no verge between path and road. Noise from the M5 above somewhat obvious in the Gordano valley.

Walton Drove: Mallard on rhine in Clapton-in-Gordano National Nature Reserve

Welsh hills across the Severn in February murk

Brighter in March: MV Elbspirit heading for Portishead, seen from the coast road.

And about to pass behind Battery point at Portishead, obviously not at its full 17 knots or it would have overtaken me on the coast road.