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Posts tagged with ‘design’

Show me the way to go home: the homing hire bike

Frequent ‘Boris Bike’ hirers are familiar with the dilemma – you know exactly where you want to go… but the docking station is full. And the next one. If you…

Bike projects win design prizes

A couple of ingenious bike projects picked up the honours at the A' Design Awards last week. The Icon E-Flyer, an electric bicycle with a low-slung motorbike-style appearance, won the…

Just in time for Christmas: the flat-pack bike

Carbon fibre is so old hat. 2013’s must-buy Christmas bike is wooden – and comes in a flat pack. The Sandwichbike is the brainchild of Dutch designer Basten Lejh

The Netherlands' amazing floating roundabout

We swoon in gratitude whenever a new cycle bridge opens across a river, or a roundabout is built with a barely adequate cycle lane. In the Netherlands, meanwhile, they don’t…

A bike with a boot

Panniers are ideal for touring, less so for quick trips around town. Backpacks leave you sweaty. Saddlebags are too small. There must be an easier way… That was the thought…

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