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Feature request: Save GPX in FIT format

23 Jul 2016
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Some of the newer Garmin Edge models will only accept FIT files. The recent 20 & 25 won't take GPX or TCX (I don't know about the just announced 820/820 Eplore, but will try to find out). I don't know if that is an increasing trend that will cascade through newer models as they replace older ones or whether it is just a "feature" of the more basic new models.



Mon 25 Jul 2016, 20:19

I'm told (discussion in the comments on the hands-on review of the 820 by DC Rainmaker - here - comments 508-510) that the 820 will load TCX & GPX and auto-convert them so doesn't seem to be a universal issue with new Garmins (at least not yet).

Tue 26 Jul 2016, 20:11

Interesting issue – there’s been a discussion about it on the CTC (whoops, Cycling UK) forum too. It looks like .fit, as a binary format, is a whole bunch more work than .tcx or .gpx; and I haven’t yet found a third-party library to write .fit files, certainly not in Ruby or JavaScript (the languages that are mostly written in).

But if there are going to be lots of Garmin models that will take nothing else, I’ll certainly need to add support. Keeping up with Garmin’s incessant format changes is one of the harder bits of running a route-planner! :)

Thu 11 Aug 2016, 20:11

Rick Heath is right - at least as far as my Garmin is concerned. If I downlaod a GPX or TCX file from Cycle-Travel to a my PC, and then transfer it my newly acquired Garmin Edge Explore 1000; the file appears on the Garmin as a FIT file.