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Waypoints limit?

14 May 2016
by SoreTween
in forum
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Is there one?  I'm trying to plot the Grand Union canal and after 78 waypoints I cannot add any more.


Sat 14 May 2016, 14:28

Correction, 89.

Sat 14 May 2016, 15:47

In theory it's 500. In practice it's likely to be lower, though, because the list of waypoints will exceed the length of a URL that a browser or webserver can cope with – so 89 doesn’t sound too outlandish.

Wed 22 Jun 2016, 20:56


I've been playing with the new 'delete unneccessary waypoints' feature, it looks good to me, no errant course changes in the routes I've tested it on.  In so doing I found an error in the OSM data which I think I've corrected:

Would you mind casting your expert eye over it?  The changeset comment should explain what/why I've changed.  There are so many park boundaries that intesect there I'm nervous of having moved the wrong node and redrawn the boundary of a park by a few feet.

If I got it right it'll be interesting to see if the waypoint that was uneccessary in presence of the error still is.

Wed 22 Jun 2016, 22:19

Yep - looks like it's fixed!

Wed 22 Jun 2016, 22:23

Thanks Richard,