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Apple watch app?

Friday 26 April
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Now that the telephone apps are up and running, could an Apple watch app (other smart watches are available) be on the cards? Sorry for giving you more work Richard!


Sat 27 Apr, 13:44

I wouldn’t rule it out but there’s a long list of other things higher up the list, I’m afraid! But one day it would be nice to have wrist-mounted directions, certainly.

Sun 28 Apr, 11:00

Derek, not being familiar with smartwatches, I'd be interested in how you would plan to use this. Could you elaborate, please?

Tue 30 Apr, 09:14

I missed a couple of turnings while out cycling in the rain. I had my telephone covered so the voice was not clear and the screen was not very visible, a vibration on my wrist would have been a good indication to turn. Just a nicety, not an essential. continues to be my planner and cycle navigator of choice. I hope that this is sufficiently clear. Happy riding.

Tue 30 Apr, 11:08

Thanks, Derek. I hadn't thought of that at all.