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Downloading a GPX file to Garmin Touring GPS

22 Jul 2014
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Hello Richard,

I wonder if you can help me with the following problem when downloading a GPX file to my GPS (a Garmin Edge Touring). THe sequence of steps that I take are -

1. I down load the GPX Track file from Cycle.Travel to my PC

2. I rename if from the default file name of "Cycle_Travel" to a name that is relevant to me

3. I copy the file it to the "New Files" directory on the GPS, I double check that the file has been written there successfully.

4. I "Eject" the device so it is safe to disconnect it

However when I power up the GPS the file can not be found on the GPS. At the moment I have a work-around that involves upoading and downloading the route to/from but this is rather tedious.

Many thanks for any guidance you can give me.    


Tue 14 Jul 2015, 15:12

I had exactly this problem, and I have a solution, though it is rather inelegant and requires a bit of geekery to do.......

1)Download the GPX file to PC, as you have done.

2)Rename it, as you have done, let's say to YourName.GPX - BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH

3)You must then open Notepad on the PC in order to edit the GPX file.

Choose File...Open. Change window so it looks at all files. Open YourName.GPX. Then scan along the first line until you come to the tag <trk><name>. The text that follows will say ACTIVE LOG or similar. (Why?? No idea!) Change this to YourName.

4) Now save the file. So, as well as having the file name changed, you have also changed the text after the <trk><name>  tag.

5) Now, do the same as before. Hook up the Garmin. Open, Find New Files. Copy the GPX file there. Disconnect Garmin and turn on. Go to the Courses list, and there it will be.

It would be better if this didn't have to be done, but it does work!!

James Larminie