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Old Warden to Sharnbrook

Route from Old warden to Ashpole tea rooms in Sharnbrook. They are closed during the summer hols. Check web for details -

old Warden to Bidlake Memeorial

Cyclist's memorial near old warden. The memorial commemorates the late F. T. Bidlake, a timekeeper who died on September 17, 1933, following an accident on Barnet Hill.

Since 1934 the Bidlake Prize has been awarded each year for outstanding achievements in cycling, and it has been given to national champions and record-breakers, world and Olympic champions, and to many dedicated men and women who have served the sport in other ways than by racing. see for full details

Downloading a GPX file to Garmin Touring GPS

Hello Richard,

I wonder if you can help me with the following problem when downloading a GPX file to my GPS (a Garmin Edge Touring). THe sequence of steps that I take are -

1. I down load the GPX Track file from Cycle.Travel to my PC

2. I rename if from the default file name of "Cycle_Travel" to a name that is relevant to me

3. I copy the file it to the "New Files" directory on the GPS, I double check that the file has been written there successfully.

4. I "Eject" the device so it is safe to disconnect it

However when I power up the GPS the file can not be found on the GPS. At the moment I have a work-around that involves upoading and downloading the route to/from but this is rather tedious.

Many thanks for any guidance you can give me.    

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