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Just a mapping curiosity?

Monday 1 March
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Looking closer at planning my LEJoG (turned from a 'gentle LEJoG' into a 'Pressured PandemicPedal' owing to the May Govt timelines.....need to get more into the detail!

I came across this section:

I know the area a little, & wonder why the default choice doesn't hop left across the river in Dent to then follow cycle path 68.
I know it isn't exactly a busy city (!), but I would expect more vans/campers/caravans (traffic in general!) on the road north of the river. 

Any thoughts on the hidden logic?


Mon 1 Mar, 20:16

It’s an incredibly finely balanced choice between the two! rates them very similarly – the northern route scores only 3% better.

Unfortunately publicly available traffic data doesn’t cover small roads like that. I think the southern route is suffering because of the cobblestones in Dent… I should probably make the cobbled weighting a little more nuanced.

Thu 4 Mar, 10:14

Hovis country!!