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Gap in the Celtic Trail

Wednesday 24 February
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I've been looking at the Celtic Trail route (NCN4), when I add a small via (to take in a town centre) I notice that the distance jumps from 245mi to 254mi.  I think that I've figured out that this is because the map does a recalculation and then cannot join up the forced vias around Pembrey Airport, causing the route to double back a couple of times and adding the distance.

When I export the route to Garmin Connect, it also cannot make this loop around the airfield.


Wed 24 Feb, 22:39

That’s interesting – it looks like NCN 4 has been rerouted. I’ll do some digging…

Thu 25 Feb, 17:24

I think that there are a couple of instances where NCN4 on the online OS maps is different to the map.  Port Talbot is a bit iffy, the OS NCN layer also differs from 1:50k and 1:25k, the old bridge over the river mouth may or may not be there now :-O

Mon 1 Mar, 21:04

I’ve updated the route at Port Talbot and around Pembrey (on the guide, that is; the background map needs fixing in OSM too). Does that look right now?

Thu 4 Mar, 21:30

Your route now follows the NCN, although possibly to the detriment of the pleasure of the ride:  In your pdf doc you comment on the sea front at Port Talbot and Wales Coastal path after Swansea as particular highlights.

I am hoping to do the route this year with a mate, although when rather depends upon the Welsh relaxation of lockdown rules.  If I get there, I will add commentary on what I find.