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Non-directional Coursepoints

I very much like the way that the TCX download can include turn Coursepoints; I have a Garmin Edge 500 it has no map but can display a breadcrumb route and pop-up Coursepoints.

Is there any way to add the non-directional Coursepoints to a route please?  Like Food, Water, Danger, Summit (you get the idea).

Full schema is here:, but I'm guessing that you are familiar.



Broken link in FAQs

Hi Richard,

The link to the forum at the bottom of the FAQ page is broken.


Gap in the Celtic Trail

I've been looking at the Celtic Trail route (NCN4), when I add a small via (to take in a town centre) I notice that the distance jumps from 245mi to 254mi.  I think that I've figured out that this is because the map does a recalculation and then cannot join up the forced vias around Pembrey Airport, causing the route to double back a couple of times and adding the distance.

When I export the route to Garmin Connect, it also cannot make this loop around the airfield.

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