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Paths shown as paved that aren't

20 Jul 2020
by Whoof ☕
in forum
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Last week I rode from Bath to Cornwall and used a new route plotted on Cycletravel. As usual this gave some great quite roads and some lovely riding. With the exception of two; the first started as a tarmacked descent which then turned into concrete and then the concrete was broken up so just a pile of fist sized rocks. A closed gate saying 'only use at your own risk' and then two rocky unmetalled hollows separated by a central grass mound. As I was on a 'road' bike this was virtually unridable but I'd gone done a long steep hill to get that far I was committed. Not long after I saw the state of the second section of road and went around it. Both are shown as paved on Cycletravel but they are not. 

Is there some was of telling you which sections these are so they can be re-assigned as unpaved?  


Mon 20 Jul 2020, 18:43

Ultimately’s mapping data comes from OpenStreetMap, so the best way to fix it is to register on, learn how to edit the map, and fix the relevant sections. (But alternatively you can just let me know and I’ll fix them for you!)

Mon 20 Jul 2020, 22:18

Thanks I didn't know I could do that I'll give it a go.