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Map symbols

15 Feb 2017
by obswerve
in forum
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Great very useful site and resource, many thanks. A question: What do the dashed white lines mean? Here in Snowdonia, the nearest example to me is a disused quarry incline. Further toward Croesor and Tanygrisiau there are other examples at known ex quarry workings - but one white dashed line crosses over the surface of a reservoir, which makes me wonder? Is there a map symbol legend available?


Wed 15 Feb 2017, 17:03

They are railway lines though they are not on the key.  The key is linked only from the word 'key' top right corner of the map, it's a popup so if you have popups disabled in your browser you won't see it.

If in doubt always refer back to, that is the source of Richards data. I'm guessing this is the feature you are referring to:

That reservoir was also once a quarry.  The abandoned railway is a tad damp now :-)

Wed 15 Feb 2017, 19:13

Many thanks SoreTween. You correctly identified Llyn Stwlan :) Here's a pic of my shopping bike up that way

Wed 15 Feb 2017, 19:16