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Elevation graph vs map spot calibration

24 Aug 2016
by SoreTween
in forum
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Hi Richard,

Create a route of about 200km then open the elevation graph, if you move your mouse along the graph the spot on the map follows it perfectly.  If you move your mouse along the route on the map the line on the elevation graph reaches the end about too early.  It varies a bit but usually about 15-20km too early.


Wed 24 Aug 2016, 23:13

Interesting! You're right.

I'm completely rewriting the elevation stuff at the moment – more later, but essentially I want to make it much easier and more direct to see where the hills are on any planned route. I'll look at this as part of it. Rather exasperatingly I'm drowning in other commitments at the moment so have less time than I'd like, but come September...