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Space For Cycling to go national in April

28 Mar 2014 infrastructure campaigning
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London’s Space For Cycling campaign, which calls for segregated cycling facilities on main roads, is to be launched nationally in April.

And to make sure local councils have no more excuses for bad cyclepaths, the new campaign will be producing a ‘Councillor’s Guide to Good Design’.

The campaign, which began last summer, demands “protected space” on main roads and traffic-calming on minor roads. By providing a single message which London’s disparate cycling community can rally behind, it has started to influence road planners to give cyclists a better deal.

Now, national cycling charity CTC and local campaign groups are to roll the message out nationwide – starting in mid-April, and with a campaigners’ conference in May. As CTC explains:

“The campaign is calling on councils across the country to make our streets and roads safe and inviting for everyone to cycle - focusing specifically on infrastructure and design standards. We’ll be launching a ‘Councillors’ Guide to Good Design’ along with online mapping tools to showcase good and bad spaces for cycling and a quick and easy 'email-a-councillor' tool for local groups.”

CTC says that groups in Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, and Newcastle have already signed up.

The conference, to be held in Leeds on 3 May, will cover:

You can sign up on the CTC website.

The national rollout has been funded by the bike trade via the Bike Hub lobby scheme.

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