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It’s now legal to jump red lights… in Indiana

1 Jul 2014 USA
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Most cyclists are tired of the accusation that they “always jump red lights” – but in the US state of Indiana, it’s now legal to do so.

Under some circumstances, anyway. A new law, nicknamed the ‘Dead Red Law’, allows cyclists to cross a red light if they’ve been waiting for two minutes.

The law is intended to address induction loops in the road, sensor panels that trigger a light change, but are often incapable of detecting lightweight vehicles like cycles.

However, local police admit that the two-minute requirement will be difficult to enforce. “No-one’s going to put a stopwatch on you,” police captain Phil Trent told He emphasised that cyclists should still take care at busy junctions.

In some US towns, however, the induction loops have already become obsolete. Instead, motion-detection cameras are being installed on traffic lights, which automatically trigger the light sequence whenever anyone strays into view – whether they be motorist or cyclist.

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