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Map key and identifying cycle routes

1 Jul 2016
by Sally
in forum
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Can somebody please point me in the right direction to find the map key?  What do the dots mean (I think they are cycle routes of some sort) and how do I check out where those cycle routes go to? 


Sat 2 Jul 2016, 13:41

The link to the key is in the top right corner of the map, just under the search box.  The different colour dots are indeed cycle routes.  The red routes are National Cycle Network which you can find out more about here:  Info about the regional (blue) or local (cyan) routes will be down to the local authorities and so availability will vary.  Honestly, the best way to see where a route goes is follow it on the map on this site.

Sun 3 Jul 2016, 03:57

Thanks for that feedback. The top right corner of my map (where it says "key") just goes to a webpage titled "about our maps" but doesn't give a key (to road types, what dot colours mean etc). Should I be looking somewhere else?

Tue 5 Jul 2016, 07:21
Do you have a popup blocker on?  You're in the right area, 'About our maps' is linked from 'Ordnance Survey / OpenStreetMap contributors'.  The map key is a popup linked from the word 'key' only.