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map oddity near Chester

27 Apr 2016
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I don't know where the problem is but there seems to be an oddity with the mapping of Hare Lane, East of Chester.

A section of it is displaced north west by over a mile on the map ( As far as I know it is still in the normal place (& open for travel) & seems to be correctly rendered on



Thu 28 Apr 2016, 08:53

Oh, that's a little exasperating! The road was incorrect in OSM - someone erroneously dragged it. It's now been fixed in OSM but unfortunately the map update happened at the time when the road was wrong.

It'll be fixed next time I take a fresh feed from OSM: updating the map and routing data takes several days in all (on a very loud server which sits behind my desk and makes it hard to think!) so it's not something that is practical to run continuously. Usually I'd expect to update the data every month or so but I'll look into whether I can just run an update for the UK sooner.

Wed 4 May 2016, 00:00

Thanks. I wasn't sure what was going on as the OSM data was OK when I'd spotted it.

Maybe you ran the update at just the wrong moment!