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In the "Your saved routes", add Delete buttons

25 Feb 2016
by Winfried
in forum
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In the "Your saved routes" list on the left, I suggest adding a small Delete button after each route as a quick way to remove routes.

Even better: Make it possible to select multiple routes and delete them all in one go.


Tue 31 May 2016, 15:03

I second this suggestion. 

On example: In planning a long tour, I've created multiple versions of some legs as I explore different options (e.g. for accommodation). I'd really like to clean this up once I've finalised the overall route.

Alternatively you could allow users to create folders to group related routes. Then you could have an "Archive" folder for the old routes instead of deleting

Tue 21 Apr 2020, 15:22

It would also be good to remove posts too, since I seem to have accidentally added an empty post.

Sun 10 Jan, 19:18

I echo David's post - I would like to delete posts!